Oh no you didn’t

Ok, this may be a lame first post.. but it’s been a long day so sue me.

So theres this game out called Mercenaries 2: World In Flames. The game itself looks like a “wait for it to be a greatest hit” at best, though I haven’t played it or the first game — but the game itself is not what this is about.

The thirty second commercial is what this is about. The ad shows some gameplay and cinemas as most video game ads do, but played to a catchy song that could be best described as ‘acoustic rap’. After having the song in my head and even hearing John sing it, I decided to hit up wikipedia.

Oddly enough, on the official website they have a nearly 3 minute version of the song for free download as an mp3. They don’t seem to credit the song to anyone that I can see but I thought it was cool to have the download. This “full version” of the tune covers more song then the first 30 seconds featured in the commercial (obviously) but the only part that is memorable is the 30 seconds from the ad…

Anyway, here’s the direct link: http://www.pandemicstudios.com/mercenaries/audio/Oh_No_Full_Length.mp3


3 thoughts on “Oh no you didn’t

  1. Yeah, it’s kinda hard to *not* have it in your head when they play the commercial constantly on Comedy Central…

    I must play it for John when I see him. He will shit all over himself when he learns I have the mp3.

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