Bike Hopping

I coining the official term now. Bike Hopping = going from bar to bar on bicycles.

John, Kevin and myself discovered the fun of riding bikes again last weekend when we drunkenly rode out to the lake with Luke and them. While the trip back was painful (because riding 30+ miles after not riding for years is tough), it still was an awesome time.

So we decided to put our own spin on it this Saturday, and also to not ride quite as far. Basically, we rode from bar to bar and would have a drink or two and then move on to the next. We made it to 4 different bars and got rejected from a fifth (see below) before calling it a night and getting White Castle at like 4am.

Now, some people may say that bike riding is lame after a certain age, or that three guys riding bikes all hours of the night is gay… but I say fuck them. Not only is it a fun time but it quite safe. You don’t need a DD to go out drinking, and you don’t risk a DUI. Biking drunk late night is a good time and even a little exercise. There are downsides, sure. The weather must permit the adventure, and continue to do so the whole time (we almost got rained-out, but it passed us). You need to make sure you have enough energy to make it back home, and also you need to be sure to secure your bikes every stop you make.

Pre-game is a must, unless you like spending crap loads of money on drinks. Also, some bars are lamer then others as you might expect from picking random bars. You may get a shitty neighborhood, or a bar that is “too good” for you. We got both.

We got to this one place (don’t recall the name, but we’ll never go there again so it doesn’t matter), and they would not let us in because John didn’t have two forms of ID and because Kevin didn’t have sleeves. I had two forms of ID and sleeves but I’m sure they would have said I’m too tall or something. Seriously though, I’ve heard of clubs that have dress codes, but this place clearly didn’t have a strict one. I think it was more of the fact that the place was super packed then anything else. I guess Kevin witnessed some guy getting real belligerent over not getting let in after we took off. He was promptly scooped up by some under-covers.

All in all, it was a great time. John even said that it totally made up for missing FlugTag. It kinda sucks that we discovered this so late in summer, but there is still some time for fun with the new concept this year.

I’d say try it out if you have a bike and like to drink with a little adventure involved.


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