I must look like I know where I’m going

A quick thing before I head out:

Three times this work week I was asked in traffic for directions. On three separate days.

First a cute asian girl asked me where a street was. I happily told her. Next a black dude asked me where “the city” was– meaning downtown Chicago (or the south side)– confused, I pointed in the direction of the city from where we were positioned at the time (south-east in this case). Third, today, a younger guy asked me where Miles’ something or other was (a store or something I guess?) and, having no fucking clue what he was talking about, I gave him the appropriate confused look along with the tried-and-true head shake no. To my surprise, he still thanked me.

Now, this is far from the first time I’ve been asked for directions while on the road… but for it to happen three times in a five day period seemed out of the ordinary to me. I guess I look like I know where I’m going.


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