Jesus wasn’t there

So, despite the rain and closed roads we made it to Q101 block party on Sunday. Our tickets were originally for Saturday, but since it was canceled that day (do to the weather) we got to use them for Sunday. Not a big deal, as none of us needed to be up early for work on Monday anyway (I, personally, took the day off). Arguably, I’m sure; the better lineup of bands was there on Sunday anyway, so that was a plus. Later in the night, the weather cleared up and made for nicer conditions as well.

There was not a whole lot going on other then beer and music… at least that I saw. But we did not wander around too much. I imagine that they did not have as much there as originally planned as they had to rearrange things because of the flooding. There was a tent for motorcycles –Yamaha’s if memory serves– that John loved. Next to it was a tent for the US Marine Corps that included a pull-up bar where you could win “prizes”. Kevin enjoyed this event. He won two water bottles that John and I subsequently lobbed into the crowds in front of us later on. Hey, they were empty at least.

In terms of the music, I really didn’t know too many of the bands, but they were all pretty good. Alternative and/or punk music always tends to be harder live, so that helped them out quite a bit -in my book anyway. Apocalyptica, as expected, stood out as one of the best bands of the show. After them –and the last band of the night– was Atreyu. I never had heard of them before in all honesty, but they were quite good. They must have played like 6-7 songs in a row before the show was finally over. Harder songs too, which I was not expecting. We almost left before this band went on, but I managed to convince everyone to stay until the end. (John wasn’t that sick)

Overall, I’d say it was a great time. John got way too drunk, and the beer was friggen $7 a cup for Miller Lite… but still a good time. I’m not sure if Mike shares my opinion, but I’ll let him write his own account of the event if he wishes.


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