Fallout 3 Survival Edition is sold out for PS3

Looks like the amazon.com exclusive “Survival Edition” of Fallout 3 is completely sold out… only the PS3 version so far. Amazon themselves call it “sold out” and several game sites have stories about it. Looks like it happened recently. This sucks, I guess we’ll have to settle for the $80 Collectors Edition. No pipboy alarm clock for us… =(

I guess we dont get to buy this now...

I guess we don't get to buy this now...

On the plus side, I guess this means we can just pick up the game the day it comes out, as Bestbuy should have the Collector’s Edition for sale one would think. The Collectors Edition of Fallout 3 includes everything the Survival Edition does, save for the Pipboy Replica/ Alarm clock thingy. Also, it is $30-$40 cheaper. Still, I wanted that fucking alarm clock. Eroc will be heart-broken…


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