Hellsing Ultimate 4 Release Date?

Did Best Buy break street date on volume 4 DVD of the OVA? I’m a little confused. Most web sites, including wikipedia and amazon.com state today (Sept 23) as the release date of volume 4 in the US. However, the Best Buy near our town had them on the shelves as early as Friday the 19th. Mike and I went there Friday night to grab the Haruhi boxset, and they had Hellsing volume 4, I held it in my hand. It was real. Though oddly, they did not have volumes 1-3.

I guess it is a moot point, as today is the “official” release date.. but it seems odd. There are not any torrents out there of it yet either, which further leads me to believe it wasn’t suppose to be on sale yet. Generally a high-profile title like this will have a dvd-rip a day or two after release.

To create further confusion, their website states the release date was the 16th.. yet it is “Not Available” and backordered.. also the price is way off. The store had it for $19. Whatever, I’m going to wait until all the volumes are finished and released before I buy the dvds anyway. For now I’m waiting for that DVD-rip.  😉


2 thoughts on “Hellsing Ultimate 4 Release Date?

  1. Update:

    It is worth noting that a dual audio DVD rip torrent is now available. I’d rather not link directly to it but if you go to mininova and type in ‘hellsing’ it will be either the top one or one of the top.

    The torrent’s name is something like “cor.hellsing.ultimate” so it doesn’t include the expected “dual audio” in the title. It finished over night and I checked it this morning though, and it is a dual audio mkv.

    The torrent looked like it had no seeds according to mininova, but had plenty once I opened it in utorrent. The file size is ~1.17gb because they also included all the dvd extras. The episode itself is the standard 750mb or so.

    We must watch it tonight.

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