Ergo Proxy features Radiohead ending theme

This is pretty friggen cool. Last night I started watching an anime by the name of Ergo Proxy. It’s a relatively new one… about two years old (that is “new” to us dub fans) and it looks pretty good after watching the first two episodes. It seems like a combination of cyberpunk and horror/supernatural.

Now to the interesting part: the ending theme to the series is RadioHead‘s “Paranoid Android” which is track two on their third album OK Computer. When the credits first rolled, I was like wait… really?? I was, of course, expecting the standard esoteric Japanese pop music… but Radiohead? That is pretty awesome.

This is surely old news to some, but I think it’s wicked regardless. I’m not going to try to claim that I’m a long time, hardcore, Radiohead fan.. but I do like their music quite a bit.

It’s cool to see the music I enjoy in an anime.


One thought on “Ergo Proxy features Radiohead ending theme

  1. I seen the entire series of Ergo Proxy and it just seems to get more confusing and violent but the ending theme of Paranoid Android to Ergo Proxy is quite fitting. 🙂

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