Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires in 2009

There is a teaser video out there for Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires. We’ve been waiting for this game since the release of the standard Dynasty Warriors 6. As fans of the series know,  Empires is like a spin-off of the original series that has very cool features such as custom created characters and a more tactical play mode. The video does not show much, but it shows that the game is at least in development and is apparently “launching 2009”. Seems this is recent news. Looking forward to the game.


7 thoughts on “Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires in 2009

  1. I’d seriously rather play FashionCaliber.

    I wish I could design my own moves in SoulCaliber. That way my armor and hit points would be irrelevant. I could do the moves I want and not have to worry about armor and hit points. Also, it would be nice if I moved faster since I am carrying less equipment.

  2. I was thinking about it, and it makes perfect sense for equipment to effect the attack, armor, and health stats. They should have made a different system for the other stats though. (boost, gauge, etc)

    I mean, think about it. A girl wearing a silk dress wielding an umbrella is not going to have a high armor class or health. You are right that she should be a bit faster though.

    Maybe you should create her new and pick “light armor” as your preference. That is the only way I can explain my character being as fast as he is (considering his style). Setsuka’s style is suppose to be the fastest in the game, so we must be doing something wrong. Maybe light armor and defense focus? It would be helpful if we knew *exactly* what those things meant though…

  3. I’m not upset about her speed or her health. I’m upset that I have to spell out the dictionary to get a crappy combo. I want it to be more like wrestling.

  4. Her combos *are* needlessly complicated to pull off. With my character, I found that just fighting and trying out different combinations of buttons and directions taught me new moves. Granted, as Siegfried’s style I don’t have to worry about all those wacky button sequences to get at good moves. The trade off is I have to worry about what stance he’s in to do certain moves.

    All that said, I played around for like 10 minutes in practice mode and learned at least two new moves I really like. They are simple to pull off too. The one is awesome, one I’ve been trying to figure it out for a while. You’ll see me spam it when we play next. >:)

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