Sony KDL-32L4000 HDTV

I took the plunge and bought a new TV on Sunday. It seemed pretty stupid to have a PS3 on an old standard definition CRT. I was avoiding buying a HDTV because, 1- my old TV still worked fine and 2- I’m trying to save up money for a condo or house. However, my parents brought this TV to my attention that was on sale at a few places. The Sony Bravia KDL-32L4000. I picked mine up at the K-mart near our house. Before tax it was $649. Pretty good price, I figured. It has all the inputs I needed – HDMI for the PS3, PC IN for the laptop, standard video, standard cable, and component HD in case John ever has another functioning XB360.

Click for full specs, reviews, and pricing

Click for full specs, reviews, and pricing

Admittedly, this was a bit of an impulse perchance. I knew I wanted a Sony HDTV, but aside from that I really did not put a ton of research into this (or really any at all). Regardless, I am thus far pleased with my purchase. My only regret is that it is “only” a 720P set. But to be perfectly honest I’m pretty new to this HDTV stuff and I find myself a little confused on the whole topic. My PS3 automatically adjusted to the “preferred resolution” of 1080P, also my laptop lets me select the resolution of 1920×1080 with no problems and both look great. I’m not sure what the deal is with all that. I guess I need to do my reading up on the topic. Heh, I know — after I’ve bought the thing. I do, however, know two things. To step up to 1080P would have cost me at least another $300 for a Sony. Also, most current games are not rendered natively in 1080P, but rather are just upscaled by the PS3.

Basically, this TV is more then enough for my purposes. I don’t have an HD cable box, nor do I see a need for one. Other then football games, none of the channels I watch have an HD version anyway. Mainly this tv was to better experience my PS3. I must say that is succeeds in that beautifully. Soul Caliber 4, for example, looks great in HD, and the sound is much better then I was expecting for the stock internal speakers. With the volume up, it was like playing the game at the arcade.

Another very nice feature is the PC IN. This is simply a SVGA connection along with a standard pc audio connection (3.5 mm). I was using a S-video cable to connect my laptop to my old TV, and the video quality was really lacking. Connecting it via VGA has made an huge difference in picture quality. The sound comes in quite a bit better as well with a straight through PC audio cable. Before I was using a crappy 3.5mm PC audio to RCA (red white) connection. I watched the download I have of Ergo Proxy on the TV last night and the picture was great even stretched to that large size. And that is only a medium quality download. The quality was truly impressive considering these are 300mb mkvs we’re taking about.

All-in-all, I like this TV so far. I think it is perfect for my application despite the lack of 1080p. My parents have had their 40″ Bravia for several months now and love it, so at this time I’d say it is a quality product. (Lets hope there is no reason for me to change my opinion 😉 )


3 thoughts on “Sony KDL-32L4000 HDTV

  1. Update:

    I’d like to point out a handy feature on this set that I did not know about until last night: When you customize the Audio/Video settings (picture, backlight, sharpness, etc) you do so for whatever input mode you are currently in.

    This means you can have different custom settings for different applications. For example with my laptop on the PC-IN input, I mostly use it to watch anime. So I can tweak the settings for more vivid colors, but at the same time have my TV input set to a normal look for regular tv shows. We can also tweek the input for the PS3 in the same way -if needed, without interfering with the others. Most likely, this is nothing special but I wanted to add it to my review.

    I had to play around with the picture for the PC-IN. While the default setting (“Vivid”) certainly made for some “vivid” colors in the anime, it also made dark areas way too dark (a bad thing on an LCD). I think I have a good balance now. I decided to tweak the TV settings a little too. We can play with the other inputs as needed.

    I also would like to add that I did some reading about the whole 1080p VS 720p thing and came to a couple on conclusions. First on a 32″ or smaller screen (I have the 32″ if you didn’t notice) the difference between the two is very difficult to see. From what I’ve been reading, in most cases unless you are sitting 2 inchs or like 35 feet from the screen the difference is hard to tell. Also there are other things to consider then just resolution. Maybe I’ll post a full article about it in the future.

  2. I also discovered that Celeste bought the same exact TV as me this week. Her’s had some kind of mail-in rebate plus she has a Sears card discount or something, so she paid like $50-something less then me.

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