Nissan 370z and G37 sedan

Nissan 370z

Infinity G37 sedan

A couple of nice cars coming soon. Both feature the VQ37VHR powerplant that puts out 330+HP and 270+ftlbs. For those that don’t know, the VQ series engines are nothing short of awesome. The VQ37 is the next evolution of my VQ35. A G37X model is also planned, with the same AWD system as previous generations, which themselves borrow the technology from the well known “supercar” Nissan Skyline. The downside is that it sounds like the G37x will be heavy as hell, but it’s still a nice car. I wonder how much the 370z will weigh…


5 thoughts on “Nissan 370z and G37 sedan

  1. The VQ has been a recipient of Ward’s 10 Best Engines award for thirteen consecutive years. That is outstanding. And I think the engine offers good performance for the price.

    But the engine earned the award and not the entire automobile. I remember you telling me about a manifold problem with the 2.5 and 3.5 Altimas. And there are other considerations as well. Our readers should keep the entire car and its purpose in mind when considering the value of the engine.

    But I’m going to have to pick on you for name dropping the Skyline into the conversation. My impression of the Skyline is that it is only famous for its legendary appearances in games and on the race tracks of very rich Japanese enthusiasts. I hold the Z in much more esteem as an affordable sports car, at least back in the day. And now the Z is competition for cars that cost twice as much.

    Also, what is the G37x “heavy” in comparison to?

  2. The issues with the 02-06 Altimas are almost completely with the 2.5, which it seems is one of the worst engines that Nissan has made. There have been rare instances with the 3.5 having the same issue. Said issue is not with the engine, but rather the pre-cat. and the material in it. Also how it is mounted to the exhaust manifold doesn’t help it. But the 2.5 is known to have other problems too…

    I “name-dropped” the Skyline to point out the fact that Nissan has been perfecting that AWD system since the early 90’s. I understand that they are two completely different breeds of car, but for them to use race-proven technology in an affordable luxury car is note worthy.

    The G37x will be heavier then the current generation G35x if I read correctly.

  3. Most likely the Z.

    The new Maxima is pretty sharp too. I’ve had cute girls (and other people) say they really like the Altima, but none of them expect it to be a 3.5. They are usually shocked (or don’t care) when I tell them I basically have the same thing as a Maxima performance-wise.

    It is worth noting that a wife might find the Quest to have sex appeal. Bitches love mini-vans 😉

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