Resident Evil 5 and Resistance 2 to have split-screen

Seems that my big question/concern about the coop in the upcoming RE5 was answered. Resident Evil 5 will feature both online and offline (split screen) 2 player coop. That is awesome. I figured the best we’d get for local coop would be system link (lame) but that is not the case. Joy!

Also note worthy is that the upcoming Resistance 2 will feature split screen coop like in the original, but also will allow you to play online split screen in both death match and the 8 player coop modes. This means that two local players can play online together with one game. Also very cool.

Resident Evil 5 is set for release on March 13 2009, while Resistance 2 will hit November 4 2008 (US release dates). More games to look forward to. With less then 10 days until Fallout 3, I feel like I am getting a “waiting for awesome game” overload here.


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