Silent Hill 5 has some issues

I was going to append this to my review, but I decided that it deserved it’s own post.

I’ve logged a few more hours in Silent Hill: Homecoming and have a few things to add. The game continues to be an excellent Silent Hill entry. But, we discovered what could be a major issue yesterday. It could be a deal breaker if it keeps happening and they don’t patch it or something.

The game seems to have some issues with freezing. I’m not sure if it is a problem with only the PS3 version, but the game froze twice on me yesterday. Once when I was just walking down a hallway without warning, and another time when I was at a loading screen. The game froze so bad that even the PS3 was unresponsive. We needed to hold down the power button on the front to reboot it. Even Assassin’s Creed never froze the system that badly. To be fair, I was playing for three or four hours straight and it only happened the two times in the last half-hour or so. Also, both times I was fortunate enough to not have done much from my last save, but this is unacceptable.

I like this game immensely, that makes it hurt that much more. The combat continues to be fun and heart-bounding at the same time. This whole game is nothing short of intense. It seems most reviews of the game out there are tepid at best. However I find this game to be easily the best in the series yet. Sure it isn’t as freaky as SH2 was, nor as original as the first game, but it’s a great game. The environments are increasingly disturbing and the boss fights are insane. The weapons and combat system continue to shine.

I’ve read a couple posts online describing the same freezing issues that we just had. This is pretty fucking sad. If this otherwise great game gets sullied by these issues, I’m going to be pissed off. This is not the type of game that has any tolerance level for this sort of thing either. Save points are already few and far between (sort of a staple of the series), and that is fine it adds to the intensity of the experience. But if I need to worry about the goddamn game freezing on top of dying, etc… the game is not worth playing.

Right now I’m really hoping that this is not something that is going to continue happening, or that they will patch it if it does. Even if it never happens to me again, the fact that in the back of my mind I’m going to worry about freezing the game while playing already damages the whole affair a little. That really disappoints me.

I’ll post an update should there be any new info.


One thought on “Silent Hill 5 has some issues

  1. Update:

    It’s worth adding that we played the game for several hours (4+) straight today and there were no issues. This included, of course, passing the previous areas that caused freezing on me last time. I am hopeful that we will not see any more trouble with the game, but I still advise players to be weary of lockups. Regardless, I suggest Silent Hill 5 as a worthwhile purchase.

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