War never changes.. okay, maybe a little..

..get over it.

So I, of course, bought Fallout 3 Collectors Edition for PS3 the day it came out (Tuesday) but I’ve been busy so I haven’t had a chance to write anything up until now. I’ve played the game for several hours now and short story: I love it.

Now, Fallout 3 is a bit of a controversial game. The purist fans of the original games cried foul (and continue to cry) at just about every divergence in terms of game play and/or story from the previous games: Fallout and Fallout 2. Sure, the game is not produced by the original designers at the now defunct BIS. Sure, the game lacks a true turn based battle system. Yes, it is a separate story set aside from the original games(but in the same canon). And of course it doesn’t feature 3/4 isometric graphics. But any real fan of the series has to ask, are these bad things?

I say no. I will say the only legitimate concern/complaint that these fans have is that the game is not created by BIS. This, unfortunately, cannot be helped, so the best you can do is put a little faith in the new developers. I say that the faith I had was well placed. This game is Fallout. There is no denying that. From the gruesome setting and high level of violence to the odd and twisted sense of dark humor, this game screams Fallout.

Okay, another legitimate concern these fans have is that the game is a dumbed down FPS now. I can say that that is far from the truth. While it is true that Fallout 3 is a FPS at it’s core, it plays more like System Shock 2 than any other FPS title. I don’t think anybody has anything bad to say about SS2. Take that, and the fact that every single one of the RPG elements of the previous games are here and at the forefront, and I say what’s the problem? It is plot, setting and the aforementioned traits that make a game Fallout, not it’s prospective or its developer.

I was going to write a long review about the game and list the features that I’ve run into and liked. etc etc But you can read that stuff at a plethora of different game websites right now and it is pointless anyway. Let me say this: I am a Fallout fan. I loved the first two games, I liked Tactics a hell of a lot. Shit, even the crappy PS2 game was good for some coop fun. I say to anyone dwelling on the past: get over it. You can never have that experience of the first Fallout again no more than the first time you played Super Mario Bros. Those were excellent and epic games, but you have to look to the future of gaming and be happy that Fallout wasn’t left behind, but rather faithfully recreated in a modern guise.


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