Fallout 3 very profitable

$300 Million Worldwide Launch Across Three Platforms

Bethesda Softworks, a ZeniMax Media company, announced that its hit title, Fallout 3 has enjoyed record sales at launch, reflecting the huge consumer demand for the game. Approximately 4.7 million units of Fallout 3 were shipped worldwide last week for the Xbox 360®video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system, and Games for Windows® representing retail sales in excess of $300 million.

Released on October 28 in North America at midnight store openings in over 2,000 retail outlets nationwide jammed with fans eager to get the game, Fallout 3 quickly became one of the industry’s top sellers around the world. For example, in the United Kingdom where it was not released until Friday, October 31 the rapid sales of Fallout 3 have led the game to be ranked number one among all video games, as well as being the number one game on each of its three platforms.

Hailed as one of the most anticipated games of 2008, Fallout 3 received a 10 out of 10 review score from Official Xbox Magazine, a result then repeated around the world with perfect scores by some of the industry’s most influential and respected critics including: Gamespy, GamePro, UGO, the Associated Press, MSN, The Washington Post, Guardian, FHM, Scripps Howard, G4-TV, The Toronto Star, MSN, and Eurogamer. MSNBC’s review offered the observation that it viewed “Fallout as a no-brainer for game of the year.” The Daily Star in the UK echoed that conclusion, saying “You can hold all bets on game of the year – I think we have a winner.”…


Fallout 3 outsells all previous Fallout games

Fallout 3 is doing pretty well for itself it seems. According to recent sales figures from GfK Chart-TrackOblivion. Bethesda’s foray into the post-nuclear genre has sold almost 60 percent faster than the studios last title, Oblivion.

What’s more, Fallout 3 is currently topping the sales charts on all platforms it was released on and has outsold all of the previous Fallout games combined, including the lack-lustre spin-offs Brotherhood of Steel and Fallout Tactics.

According to sales figures around 55 percent of those sales were done on the Xbox 360, 28 percent were done on the PlayStation 3 and only 17 percent on the PC. Looks like Bethesda was right to aim the game at the Xbox 360 then, from a financial point of view anyway. Fallout 3 managed to top the All Formats chart too, knocking Fable 2 from the top-spot and resisting the rising successes of FIFA ’09 and Wii Fit despite the fact that Wii Fit was enjoy a week of phenomenal sales, again.


Seems like Fallout has broken into the mainstream in a big way. And it’s only been -like what- a fucking week and a half? I find it a little disturbing that the 360 version sold by far the most copies according to this. I figured it would be the Windows version that would sell best. But then again, throwing heaps of money at the erroneous facets of a flawed product and forcing it down your throat is very M$. Sadly, it works oh so well.

I can hear all the emo kids crying right now that Fallout has “sold out”.


One thought on “Fallout 3 very profitable

  1. You are right. It having done so well will make people mad because they want to feel like it was their idea to like fallout.

    I don’t care because since this one did epicly, they will be quick to churn out another. What has it been, a year, between “resistance-fall of mans?”

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