Valkyria Chronicles

With still plenty of Fallout 3 to keep me going I can hardly see a need to buy any other games right now. That said, I cannot help but be intrigued by the recently released PS3 exclusive Valkyria Chronicles. Okay, I’ll admit that the whole idea of a “strategic rpg” worries me a little. I’m never really played the genre, but I can’t help but worry that they took the lackluster aspects of an RTS and an RPG and crammed them together. But, I’m sure I’m wrong.

The cover certainly makes it look my speed

The cover certainly makes it look my speed

What sells this title for me right off the bat is that the game and it’s graphics engine were designed specifically for the PS3. This means it will look and perform excellently on the system (as things should be). The advanced 3D cell shaded graphics engine and “water color” background designs all look truly beautiful. I’d love to see this game on my HDTV. Of course, the whole anime theme helps it out here too. šŸ˜‰

It certainly looks great

It certainly looks great

Now, eye candy aside, I read that the game is getting all kinds of rave reviews. So, in a age were great RPGs like Tales of Vesperia and Star Ocean 4 are not coming to the PS3 (fuck you Microsoft, fuck you), maybe this is the anime styled RPG that will really shine on the PS3. I just wish I could play the demo first. Unfortunately my PS3’s wifi is not connecting well lately, and add to that my increasing fear of upgrading the firmware to the latest version (required to go online) and you get no demo for me.

I guess it doesn’t matter at the moment. I’m still completely enthralled by Fallout 3, but this game certainly looks like it could be my next purchase for the PS3. Maybe I’ll have played the demo by then, but who knows. Anyway, what do you think about the game?


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