EDIT AGAIN: Okay, we’re getting a fuck of a lot of hits on this topic from so I thought I’d add this here. If anyone is actually reading this, I invite you to click on this link to take you to our newest topics. That is simply the home link. Also, feel free to check out the about page to see what this blog is all… about.


I just noticed a bunch of traffic today coming from this referrer: So I checked out the site. It’s a site that cycles through blogs apparently. You can go there and it cycles through blogs automatically and I guess you click on the ones you find interesting? Seems like a cool concept, but I’m not sure yet. Almost seems like there is something a little shady about it though, not sure why. Anyway, there is also a wordpress blog where the creator gives a very muddled description of his site and it’s intentions. I figured the extra hits deserved a link. For all I know this will be the next youtube.

EDIT: He doesn’t seem to want to approve my comment on his blog, so I’ll add this here:

One thing the people here should understand though, is that all these extra hits you’re getting are not necessarily from people actually clicking onto or reading your blog. Each time your blog is cycled on his page you get a hit. So technically, one person with his site open all day could give all of us a shitload of hits. Just food for thought.

I just don’t want people to think it is some magic website that gives you readers. Yes it’s an creative idea, but it is not necessarily accomplishing what people think it is.


5 thoughts on “

  1. We started getting a bunch of hits to the main page everyday around when I posted this originally, then it stopped completely. This month it has picked up again in a big way, except all the hits are now going to this post specifically.

    That’s kind of strange, because if I read his page correctly, it was suppose to cycle through recent posts… not month old ones that mention him.

  2. Yeah, I guess the motivation is that the whole thing was put together so I would find alphainventions, actually read your blog because of alphainventions and tell you that I like it. What a weird cosmic coincidence 🙂

    But I get what you mean– I’m not sure what it has to do with recent posts– and the traffic usually doesn’t involve anybody reading a post.

    drew from dumbworld

  3. I landed here via Alpha Inventions, and I appreciate your assessment of what’s actually happening with Alpha. The good thing about it though is I stop into a lot of neat blogs I would not have except for his service. Interesting blog you guys have here..

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