Fast “Economy” Cars

400hp – 110mpg 1987 Mustang

High gas prices and upcoming CAFE regulations are threatening the future of the V8, but one Ohio man’s Ford Mustang is giving hope to gear heads everywhere. The rather nondiscript 80s era Mustang promises outstanding performance and little fuel consumption, and turned up in a back corner of the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

Napoleon, Ohio’s Doug Pelmear claims that he has created a V8-powered 1987 Ford Mustang that develops 400 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque on E85, can accelerate from 0-60 in about three seconds – on its way to a top speed of 180 mph – and still returns an astonishing 110 mpg.

Although a 400 horsepower economy car sounds too good to be true, Toledo’s Rocket Ventures, a subsidiary of the Regional Growth Partnership, has verified Pelmear’s claim, according to

Pelmear has yet to reveal what’s exactly under the hood of his Mustang – as he’s still waiting on a few patents – but says his work is based off the work of his grandfather who developed fuel-saving techniques during the 1940s.

Pelmear has even entered his car into the Progressive Automotive X Prize, one of the world’s foremost green car competitions that challenges contestants to “design viable, clean and super-efficient cars that people want to buy.” If you ask us, the judges should just hand over the $10 million grand prize to Pelmear right now.

Tesla Roadster achieves 12.7 1/4M

If there’s one thing upstart automaker Tesla has made clear, it’s that electric cars don’t have to be slow or goofy. The automaker reported today its Roadster model achieved a 12.7 second time down the quarter mile. At a terminal velocity of 105 miles per hour, the Roadster holds its own against performance-oriented gasoline-powered sports cars.

The Roadster model used was equipped with the “version 1.5″ transmission, which features a single-speed gear ratio, rather than the two-speed gearbox used in the original drivetrain.

The driver’s reaction time was 0.764, and the 60-foot sprint took just 2.058 seconds. 330 feet were history in 5.384 seconds, while 660 feet were covered in just 8.170 seconds.

Take that Prius!


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