SATA + PATA = Slowdown?

A quick little tech tip for those scouring google like I was earlier. Might give you the quick fix I was looking for.

So, I added a second HDD (Hard Disk Drive) to my work PC the other day and noticed that Windows XP started running quite a bit slower. There was like a 2-3 second delay for the files to appear in folders I was exploring in any of my drives. This was the most noticeable symptom, but the whole system was running slower, like as if it was using a lot of the page file is the best way I could describe it. I even doubled the memory to no effect. After trying a couple useless setting changes and checking on a couple things I found that simply disconnecting the new drive eliminated and therefor confirmed the problem… but, I wanted that second drive.

The setup goes like this: the PC already had a SATA disk and that is where the OS and everything was on. I wanted a second HDD so I took a PATA (IDE) disk, installed and formatted it. This PC has four SATA slots but only one IDE, so the second HDD was the master on the only IDE bus with the CD/DVD rom as it’s slave. I know that setup can cause a slight performance hit in certain situations, but nothing like this. I also read that SATA + PATA should be no problem.

Anyway, I read on some site that I guy had the same issue and when he moved the new PATA HDD(s) to the secondary IDE bus it was fine again. Well, I didn’t have that option so I tried moving the primary/original disk to SATA1 instead of using SATA0 and that fixed the issues, runs fast as hell now.

Sadly, I’m not as in tune with the hardware side of things as I used to be, so I can’t explain exactly why that fixed the issue, but it’s worth a post anyway. I figure somebody will come across it when googleing and it’ll help, despite being a lazy quick-fix 😉

I’m sure Mike will chime in with some of the knowledge piece.


4 thoughts on “SATA + PATA = Slowdown?

  1. That is what I thought, but the guy who said he switched that said something about older SATA sharing with first IDE bus or something.

    Total BS, I know… but I figured trying the second SATA slot couldn’t hurt and it worked so good enough for me.

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