Fort Independence cheat

I discovered a little cheat in Fallout 3 that allows you to get a fully a repaired Alien Blaster and will likely work for other high tech weapons as well. This is for Free (though you’ll lost a little karma). There is a location south-ish of Megaton called Fort Independence, a Brotherhood Outcast post. The mission for them is to collect technology for them and their leader gives you an option of Stims, .556 ammo, radaway, and something else.

Anyway, you’ll need to have found the Alien Blaster. Give it to the guy, but don’t give him any of it’s ammo. Then save your game and pick-pocket it back from him. It’ll be fully repaired and do something like 96 damage which is enough for my level 19 character to kill anything in pretty much one hit to center of mass. I said not to give him any ammo for it because then he equips it and you cannot steal it at that point.

Needless to say, you either need a high pickpocket and sneak skill, or a lot of patience with loading the game to use this trick. I have 100% sneak but only like 18% pickpocket, so I get to play the save-load game a lot here. But it is nice, none the less. Should work for other stuff too, like the Plasma rifle. Also the base itself filled with lots goodies like a (highly damaged) Plasma Rifle, two mini nukes, ammo for the alien blaster, and special grenade launcher-like weapon. However, if you break into there the guys all around the based go hostile on you.

I read that if you give them enough tech the leader will let you into the base. But I have yet to confirm this. I was able to slaughter them all and steal all their stuff, and this was with my conventional weapons. But I loaded the game because I figured it would be better to keep them alive. I think the give steal-back trick might also get you towards him letting you in, plus you get the reward each time as well. 20 stims each time I give him the blaster is not bad.

I don’t like to cheat too much like this, but I figure this is no worse then buying stuff in San Francisco in Fallout 2 only to steal all your caps back afterwards. 😉


I’m a friggen idiot. Playing the game now, I realize there is no “pickpocket” skill like there was in Fallout 1&2. I just assumed there was for some reason and that I was just ignoring it as I would in the other games.

I wonder what modifies stealing skill then? My character has 100% sneak, 100% lockpicking (it’s a thiefy skill), 10 perception and 10 agility… and I still suck at it. I guess value and weight. The blaster has very high value, but only weights two pounds. Also, it doesn’t explain why I fail all the time a stealing normal stuff like keys.


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