Fallout 3 to get patched

Looks like Fallout 3 will get a patch for all three platforms. Many people on the interwebs have been bitching that the game is buggy and some even call it “broken”. I personally have not run into any major issues- and my friends and I all have the PS3 version, supposedly the worst off of the three.

A few 2-3 second lockups, minor clipping issues, and the magical flying rad scorpion corpses are pretty much the worst we’ve seen. Seriously, do any of these haters remember how buggy Fallout 2 was before it’s patch? Car cut in fucking half? Well you shouldn’t have drove it to San Francisco, jerk.

Anyway, perhaps I am just lucky so far to not see any major issues, and it is always nice to see a company respond to fan displeasure. It is also nice that these days console releases can get patched just like the PC version.


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