Silent Hill 5 is hella short

So, a while back when I first got Silent Hill: Homecoming I was raving about it here. The new combat system, the visuals, pretty much everything was impressive. I didn’t get too far in it (or so I thought) when I got rapped up in Fallout 3 for a month. <Something I’m still having trouble putting down.

Anyway, I got back to Slient Hill 5 for a few hours Friday night when Eroc and I were playing it (we’re a team!). After an annoying puzzle that I’m sure we were over thinking, I had to fight a mediocre difficulty boss and kicked its ass. Mind you, this was piss drunk at 3am. So there is a door to exit the boss area and, being about ready to call it a night, Eroc and I both hoped for a save point through that door.

We did not get that. Rather, we were welcomed by the end cinema of me getting -what I would guess is one of the “bad” endings. Now, I don’t mind a strange or even nonsense ending to a SH game… but this had to be the shortest game in the series. I can’t rattle off any actual numbers to you right now in terms of gameplay hours. I’m too lazy to, and frankly I don’t care. The damn game was short.

So while I was quite impressed with the game, it is all ruined by its length. So if you are thinking about getting it, maybe a rent is a better idea.


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