Console Sales in November

So, here are the US sales totals for video game consoles for last month:

Wii – 2,040,000
Xbox 360 – 836,000
PlayStation 3 – 378,000
PlayStation 2 – 206,000


At least the PS3 isn’t getting it’s ass kicked three to one by the 360 for the whole month… just that one day. The Wii dominated completely, nobody should be surprised there. I don’t really care about Nintendo that much anymore, but one cannot deny their success this generation.

I do, however, find it quite sad and disturbing that the PS2’s figures are that close to the PS3’s. It’s pretty bad when your last generation outing is right on the heals of your current console in sales. Is the price tag on PS3 that big of a turn off to buyers?

-Dave out


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