Vaporware 2008

Wired’s vaporware of 2008:

10. Sony PlayStation Home
9. Myka
8. Hero’s Journey
7. ZAP-X
6. Microvision Pico projector
5. Garmin nüvifone
4. StarCraft II
3. Android phones other than the T-Mobile G1
2. Internet Explorer 8
1. Duke Nukem Forever

Poor Duke takes the top of the list again.

-Dave out


4 thoughts on “Vaporware 2008

  1. You’d think they’d get more creative with the number one spot. Who’s even promising Duke anymore? Number two – meh. Number three – I’d like to see Android on my old SCH-i730.

  2. Actually, and they mention this in the article, new info is still coming out for Duke. Otherwise they said it wouldn’t have made the list this year. Recently there was even a playable version of the game (!) provided for some lucky interviewer.

    From what I have read, the game is pretty far along and I seem to remember that guy saying it will be “worth the wait”. Now, after 12 years, if any Duke fan even cares anymore is the real question.

  3. That is one thing that boggles my mind. How is Apogee/3D Realms still even a business? I mean, they had a lot of successful games back in the 90’s… and for a while they’ve milked old Duke games and Max Payne, but what have they done new recently that was that successful?

    I know they re-re-re-released Duke Nukem 3D for xbox live, and that was a big seller… but can you really make enough money off of little nickel and dime things like that?

    All that said, if they release Duke Forever for the PS3, I’ll buy it. If it’s PC only, it’s at least worth a steal off BT.

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