Get older Demonoid torrents

You can get older Demonoid torrents without registering. Read on.

For those lost already, here we go – Demonoid is an extremely well known torrent search engine and database with an exclusive membership. Torrents hosted on the site are often only found there (despite Demonoid’s own encouragement that people should post their torrents many places to get more seeds).

The main issue is that non-registered users cannot download torrents more then a few days old. The torrent sits there, mocking you. Registering would be fine, as it is free and simple. But the problem is that they don’t let you register. They open up registration for a couple hours a month or something like that and do not announce it. You can beg registered users for an invitation code, but that is not a reliable option.

Enter this site: the so-called Demonoid Fan Blog. I discovered it in my search to cheat the system. There was a torrent I really wanted, only it was 3 weeks old. Anyway, the site is pretty simple – you send them an email with a link to the torrent you want, wait a couple days, and they sent you the .torrent file back.

For those too lazy to visit the site, here are there instructions:

Step 1 – Copy the torrent profile link from demonoid and e-mail it to us! Example:
Step 2 – Wait for your reply. The “.torrent” file will be attached in the e-mail.
Step 3 – Download the .torrent file from the e-mail and open it using you torrent downloader, Enjoy and Support us by visiting our sponsors.
Recommended torrent download by ToiTeam is Utorrent.

I did this with my BS yahoo email account that I use to sign up to sites and avoid spam on my real email account. I did not expect anything, but I figured with nothing to lose, it was worth a try. It took them a few days, but I did get a response, and they included the torrent I wanted.

So, if you need a torrent that is only on Demonoid and you can’t register, try this, it worked well for me. Seems they also periodically give away invitation codes, so if that’s your goal check out their site.

-Dave out


3 thoughts on “Get older Demonoid torrents

  1. FYI, mailto: links are depreciated (as I wrote in my Red Hat post.) I would have pulled the link, but they use a mailto: on their site. I’m just saying don’t type out E-mail addresses unless they are spam boxes. Bots are constantly crawling the Web for anything that looks like an E-mail address. One thing that I think works is posting a PNG of the E-mail address. Just go into Paint.NET, type the address in a small image and post that. I used to have one on my TextDrive site.

  2. Depreciated?

    I know the whole concept of bots. However, since that link is a copy-paste of what they have on their own site I figured it did not matter anyway. They also have the address itself written out on the page in plain text. Something tells me they are not worried about spam e-mails on that account.

  3. The Wiki article on depreciation/deprecation is confusing. However, I meant that most modern programmers would use a form with a CAPTCHA element opposed to a simple mailto: link. Or, they would at least obfuscate the link with ECMAScript (JavaScript).

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