They have a Keanu Reeves

Well it’s official, the Cowboy Bebop live action movie is going to happen. Keanu Reeves will indeed star as lead character Spike Spiegel. I need to go kill myself.

I made my opinion on the subject abundantly clear in my post two months ago, so I’ll avoid going into a rant here… but that doesn’t mean we can’t have round two of guessing the rest of the cast!

Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson –as- Jet Black
Lucy Liu –as- Faye Valentine
Mary Kate Olsen –as- Edward
Christopher Lloyd –as- Vicious
Hellen Hunt –as- Julia

and Ein will be played by the dog that played Beethoven.


-Dave out


2 thoughts on “They have a Keanu Reeves

  1. You are correct. He was the first guy with white hair I could think of that also would be a terrible choice for the part…

    Hint: the idea here is to pick people that would either suck as the character and/or be such a mainstream or clichéd choice that it would suck either way. Kinda like how Reeves is both for Spike.

    Besides, he made a good bad guy in Who Framed Roger Rabbit 😛

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