RE5 demo to hit PS3 Feb 2nd

Yes, I know… assholes with XB360’s have had the luxury of playing the Japanese demo of Resident Evil 5 for over a month now. The 360 version of the Japanese demo is readily available on the internet and is easily installed and played on a US system. PS3 owners? We got the shaft yet again.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. The US demo is coming out for the Playstation 3 on February 2nd. Don’t worry though… there is still some insult to injury to be added PS3 fans: the 360 version of the US demo will be out January 26 – a full week earlier! Go M$!!

I mean, come on, really? How asinine is that? I don’t mind waiting another week or whatever, but what is the point? Just to be dicks? Especially considering that any 360 owner that knows even the least of what they are doing already has the demo. Makes one wonder how much money M$ tossed at Capcom to get that precious week of exclusively.

Well, looks like I have a reason to update my PS3 now and get it back on the internet. On the plus side, the wifi seems to be stable again as the update is at 20% right now. So now, we wait until Feb 2nd.

-Dave out


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