A couple “new” games

So with yesterday off of work, and a $100 American Express gift card (from my work holiday party) burning a hole in my pocket I decided to go buy a “new” game. I use quotes because the game in question is BioShock for the PS3.

I’ve been wanting this game for a while, but hadn’t gotten around to buying it. I did try to go to a nearby Best Buy on Sunday and had no luck finding the game. That however, turned out to be fortuitous as the game seems to have just come down in price.

I went to Circuit City, despite better judgment telling me not to. They had the game stickered for $59.99, which was admittedly high. I grabbed it anyway, and also decided to get Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga. I figured the two together would be most of the card and I wouldn’t have to worry about spending it then.

The line was not too bad considering they only had one friggen cashier. I thank the fact that most people don’t have MLK (or “milk“) day off of work. Anyway, the guy was like “oh Bioshock is $39.99” and adjusted the price to $36 even for some reason. The Lego game turned out to be $18 even (??).

I’m guessing the cashier didn’t give a fuck or something, because those are the prices on the receipt: $36.00 and $18.00, respectively. After five or six dollar tax the two games ended up costing less then one game generally does. I know most places are selling Bioshock for $39.99 and Lego for $19.99, so the savings are not hardcore… but still pretty intresting.

I did get to play Bioshock for a while yesterday. You know, after waiting for the 200mb update to download and then the 5gb install. Really a good game so far. I decided to start on the “Hard: You’ve played many shooters” setting for extra scariness and it worked. The game is pretty sweet so far, like a mix of survival horror and action. And Lego? Yeah, it’ll make a good coop drinking game.

Well, now I just have to figure out what to spend the remaining $40 balance on. Hmmm, Black Lagoon season 1 is $35…

-Dave out


6 thoughts on “A couple “new” games

  1. I sent that one from my playstation. I didn’t think that it actually worked. Something about it having a goofy (non-windows) operating system makes it not like me sending messages. I can read my e-mail, but not send any.

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