Valkyria Chronicles Anime Pics

There are a few new images out of the upcoming anime adaptation of the awesome PS3 game, Valkyria Chronicles.

Looks good to me

Looks good to me

More pictures of Welkin and Faldio are located here. The artwork looks very faithful to the original work all while making the transition exquisitely to animated form. Though, I must say Alicia’s rifle looks a bit bulky to me… but meh.

Was her gun always that big?

Was her gun always that friggen big?

The anime is scheduled to be released sometime this spring in Japan. The game’s lackluster sales in the US may kill my hopes and dreams of a dubbed version with the same actors as the game being released here in the US… but I guess we can stay positive. If all else fails there are always fansubs. In any case, it is clear that the series will be on the right track from an artistic standpoint. That is always nice.

-Dave out


2 thoughts on “Valkyria Chronicles Anime Pics

  1. I’m sure they will come up with enough filler story. Like they take the fucking pig on a picnic or something… that’s a whole 23 minute episode right there!

    Or it’ll just be a shorter series, like 6-13 episodes. Still. there is enough story in the actual game to make a decent series though, replace the parts where you play the game with battles in the anime, and there will be no problem.

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