Fallout 3 PS3 to get DLC?

According to NMA, the February issue of PSM3 magazine has this to say about the potential of Fallout 3 downloadable content on the PS3:

The first batch of downloadable content for post-apocalyptic RPG Fallout3 has been revealed. Thanks to an exclusivity deal between Microsoft and Bethesda it’s only on Xbox 360 at the moment, but we have it on good authority that it’ll eventually make its way to PS3.

The DLC includes Operation Anchorage, a simulation of the war between China that led to the bombs being dropped, The Pitt, which sees you exploring a raider town built in the remains of Pittsburgh and Broken Steel in which your character becomes a member of the Brotherhood of Steel. But PS3 is getting its own exclusives next year so don’t worry.

I’m not fan of DLC that you have to pay for… but the fact that M$ bought the rights to exclusive DLC just seemed underhanded to me. Broken Steel – which allows you to play after beating the main quest and raises the level cap to 30 – is the most interesting of the DLC. It would be nice to see the PS3 version get it’s just dues.

Too bad I stopped playing the game weeks ago…

-Dave out


One thought on “Fallout 3 PS3 to get DLC?

  1. “PS3 is getting its own exclusives next year so don’t worry.”

    What the fuck kind of entertainment system is that Sony? I could be dead by then.

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