Berserk fan-made live action movie short

Fucking amazing:

Via AnimeNation:

Italian manga fan and independent film maker Francesco Sanseverino dropped us a link to his impressive short film Berserk: The Black Swordsman, based on Kentaro Miura’s popular manga. Francesco says, “I want to specify that this movie is made with zero budget, so it has been realised in 4 months. I hope you enjoy it and let me know your impressions.”

Words cannot describe the awesome. I mean, it’s not perfect– they are kinda mixing a few different parts of story together here, and Casca is far too white. I mean -what- they couldn’t find a tan skinned chick in Italy? Despite these minor flaws, it’s an excellent video. As a huge fan of Berserk, I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Remember all the bitching I was doing about the creation of a live action Cowboy Bebop movie, or live action adaptations of anime in general? Yeah, fuck that, just… let this guy make them.

-Dave out


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