Barbie can’t handle this much torque

I mentioned the MX-5 Miata when I was ripping on that gay recall of Mini Coopers, so I thought it would be worth a laugh to post this too. It seems the new Miata will get it’s prestigious North American debut at our very own Chicago auto show. Joy.

The new model will feature a 2.0 I-4 with a blistering 167hp! That’s a whole one HP more then the current one, awesome! [/sarcasm] They claim the fuel economy will be improved as well, but the current numbers are not very impressive for a little 4 cylinder, so meh.

I can respect these (chick) cars for their awesome handling, and the fact that they’ve been around for like fucking ever, but 167hp? Come on, they could give it a lot more balls then that, and probably even achieve better MPG at the same time with a different engine.

Somehow I don’t see our drunken trip to the autoshow this year spending too much time at the Miata booth. In fact I feel a little dirty after posting this… promise my next car post will be about something with a big V-8, or at least machine guns or something.

-Dave out


11 thoughts on “Barbie can’t handle this much torque

  1. Dude, how is that Mini Cooper recall in any way gay? That is like the opposite of gay.

    “Oh no, these pipes are too long, if only they were thorter.”

    Don’t think so.

  2. ^^ Huh??

    Anyway, @ Mike:

    Because weighing in at only ~2300lbs it would be sick fast. Toss in a 3.0 or 3.5-ish 6 cylinder as a high performance model (as in, keep the 2.0 as well), and that little thing would fly. Add a turbo and fuckin aye.

    Add some more aggressive styling for the 6 to prove the point, and you got a winner. Keep it reasonably priced and also no need to get rid of the original either. Everybody wins. They just need to make sure to keep the 50/50 weight, so maybe a smaller turbo’ed 6 is best.

  3. The point of the Miata is to give the most handling and fun for the money. It also presents a challenge to the driver because every asshole knows how to mash the gas in an automatic. Not many know what to do with handling.

    Also having the car you described and the actual Miata in the same lineup would destroy both cars. The design team would make compromises to the platform. And both cars would be mediocre. I like the way the Miata is now.

    Besides, if you were going to build a car like what you described, I doubt anyone would start with the Miata as a base.

  4. There was the RX-7 back in the day. It could be described (albeit very loosely) as the same class as the Miata.

    I would not suggest they compromise anything that is good about the car (light weight, handling). But 250-300hp with a little turbo 6, would make it stand out. I’m not mechanical engineer, but I think it could be done.

    A car like that could be very competitive in a category of affordable sports cars that includes such stand-outs as the Mustang GT and 350/370Z. It doesn’t have to be a complete speed demon, but give the ability to give these cars a run for their money, and of course have the excellent handling.

    As it stands now, it’s pretty hard to take it seriously as a “sports car”. Aside from a very niche market that enjoys cute little roadsters and/or cars that only handle well, there is not much demand for this car.

    Though, I did see one today on my ride in to work πŸ™‚

  5. What? I like arguing with Mikey over stupid shit. Honestly, I don’t even care about the Miata.. but it was a slow news week so I wanted to post something.

  6. This always happens. You post about how you don’t like something, Mike defends it, and you guys go back and forth for a while. I knew that this is what it was going to be when I saw so many comments.
    What is with that Caeser guys comment? Do we know him. I tried understanding it and it is complete nonsense. It could have something to do with it being written at 4:30 in the morning.

  7. No, we don’t know him that I’m aware of… shit I’m drunk and it’s almost three in the morning and I can still type a fucking coherent message. That shit is pretty sad.

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