Haruhi season 2 in April

UPDATE: Seems like it was BS. Linky

UPDATE 2: It is certainly a re-run of the first season sorry for jumping the gun…

Apparently it’s for real. The new season of Haruhi will premiere in April. It was reported/rumored last month that Newtype magazine was going to announce info on the new season. The recent television ad for said magazine, now confirms this information.

Newtype's March cover, featuring Yuki Nagato

Newtype's March cover, featuring Yuki Nagato

A television advertisement for the March issue of Kadokawa Shoten’s Newtype magazine has reportedly revealed that the “true” relaunch of the Haruhi Suzumiya anime series will premiere on television in April. The March issue will ship on February 10.

Pretty cool, if it’s all true. I could get down on some more Haruhi, and television is twice as fast as information (I’d rather watch it then read it). Now what would really make me happy, is if it got dubbed and released in both languages simultaneously a la Kuro Kami. With the same english VAs, of course. That would be sweet (but not going to happen).

You can watch the TV ad on youtube by clicking here if you so desire. It is 15 seconds long and doesn’t really say much to me, but then again I don’t speak 300mph Japanese gibberish. The pictures are purdy though.

-Dave out


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