More Microsoft Douchebaggery

UPDATE: Seems Microsoft has had a change of heart after all the press attention on the net. I guess it was only 25 employees that were overpaid a few grand, they now get to keep their “extra” money without any threats. Those (sort of) lucky few have whoever originally posted that letter on the net to thank.

Just when you thought you couldn’t hate M$ any more:

Microsoft says it made an accounting error when it laid off some employees last month and now feels the best way to correct the error is with what will likely add up to a public relations blunder.

The software giant, which recently laid off 1,400 employees, sent letters this week to some of those former workers letting them know that their severance payouts were a bit too “generous” and respectfully requested that the former employees pay back that money, according to a report Saturday on TechCrunch.

“An inadvertent administrative error occurred that resulted in an overpayment in severance pay by Microsoft,” the letter states. “We ask that you repay the overpayment and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience to you.”

A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed that the authenticity of a letter posted on TechCrunch, but declined further comment, saying it was “a private matter between the company and the affected people.”

The company declined to specify how many of these letters were sent out, and it’s unknown how much the overpayments total, but it did indicate that some laid off employees were also undercompensated.

The letter failed to provide an explanation for the accounting error but did manage to add–with underlined emphasis–a veiled threat of monetary punishment if the money wasn’t repaid, at least in the form of a tax impact.


If it was me, I’d tell them to go fuck themselves and lawyer up. Even if it only was a couple grand or even less, they could go eat a dick. What do you think?

-Dave out


5 thoughts on “More Microsoft Douchebaggery

  1. This seems hard to believe. If you go back to TechCrunch, the sources are not any clearer. But the reporter, Jason Kincaid, has a significant history with TechCrunch. And TechCrunch itself has a good reputation for this type of inside-the-technology-industry reporting.

    At the end of the day, this is nothing more than a confirmation that Microsoft is bad for Microsoft haters and a fuzzy blip for Microsoft customers. If the goal is to scare people away from Microsoft then I don’t think this story will make any difference at all.

    If you want to scare people away from Microsoft then tell them how much it costs to make a slide show with Vista + PowerPoint 07 ($417 on versus how much it costs with Linux + OOo Impress ($0).

  2. I think the only thing I’ve ever actually bought from M$ was a couple mouses. For some reason they make good ones. Oh, and I guess maybe AoE2 was microsoft games…

  3. It figures that the biggest software company in the world is only really good at making mice and keyboards. It would be like if Kevos was really good at knitting. And then he was all like “No, I don’t like knitting.” Come on Kevos. Knit.

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