I forgot how awesome Burn Notice is

I have every episode of Burn Notice that has aired thus far downloaded, but I haven’t really been watching the series. When the show first came out I followed it pretty well, but then kind of lost track. It was one of those shows that is too good. Ahead of it’s time, etc, whatever you want to call it. The problem with standout television programs like that, is that they don’t tend to last very long.

260px-burn_notice_logoIt’s nice to hear that Burn Notice is still going strong and has been renewed for its Third season. Is it the excellent cast, or the interesting writing? Probably both, and I’m sure the fact that Bruce Campbell plays a main character helps. My mom loves the show as well, and I hear people at work talking about it so its popularity has to be beyond a niche crowd of Evil Dead enthusiasts.

I started watching the series from the beginning again last night, and caught up to about where I made it last time. I forgot just how good the show is. Of course, my initial interest in the series was that Campbell was in it. As a fan of his, that got my attention… but the truth is the show doesn’t even need him to be excellent. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I want him out of it, I’m just mean that the rest of the cast is that good.

The writing and premise of the series is great as well. It manages to stay light-hearted enough to be funny in a dark comedy sort of way, but at the same time has an engaging story that keeps you interested. The first season is rather episodic, with our hero’s taking odd-jobs here and there, but with each episode more of the main plot line is also revealed.

I plan to  continue watching each episode I have until I’m caught up. Then, I’ll look forward to the third season. Burn Notice airs hour (~43 minute) long episodes Thursdays on the USA Network and is currently about to finish it’s second season. A DVD boxset of season one is available with a season two set being created. TV-rips are all over the internet as well.

-Dave out


4 thoughts on “I forgot how awesome Burn Notice is

  1. We haven’t really been watching anything lately… we’re pretty behind on Bleach, and never even finished NGE. Plus we still have to check out those two you wanted to watch.

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