Fuck you Best Buy

Fuck you Best Buy – and fuck your 50% off all anime clearance sale. I sneak out of work for an hour or so today to go pick up Resident Evil 5, and I end up spending $160. ugh…

Heres what I grabbed:

Berserk Remastered – $17.99
Black Lagoon season 1 – $14.99
Ergo Proxy – $24.99
Shakugan no Shana – $24.99

Yeah, I know that’s like fucking $90 for anime I already have downloaded, but when are you ever going to beat those prices? The girl I was talking to said the sale ends Friday the 20th and is only at certain Best Buys.

There are complete lists of effected stores out there on the interwebs. She was showing me though that you can go to the store and order it online from the store’s computer and still get the sale. So ask for that if they don’t have everything you want.

-Dave out


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