GM CEO wants high gas taxes

This is pretty stupid:

General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner says a tax to keep fuel prices above $4 a gallon is “worthy of consideration”.

Fuel taxes have been a hot topic since gas prices topped $4 last year, with plenty of support on both sides. However, Wagoner’s pro-tax stance is one of the first from within the auto industry.

“Everybody talks about $4 a gallon because, until gas prices hit $4, nobody saw any shift in consumer behavior,” Greg Martin, GM’s Washington, D.C., spokesman, told the Washington Times. “Only then did people put fuel efficiency front and center.”

Although GM was caught flatfooted when gas prices spiked last summer, GM’s future lineup of fuel-efficient vehicles banks on higher prices at the pump. If gas prices continue to hover around $2 per gallon, consumers will have little incentive to switch to more fuel-efficient models, such as GM’s upcoming Chevrolet Volt.

As it stands now, the federal gas tax is set at 18.4 cents a gallon, which means it would have to be raised to over $2 a gallon to keep a $4 floor on gas.

Right… because the best way to get people to buy brand-new cars is to take away more of their money first. Just because GM has put all their eggs in the basket of assuming gas prices were going to continue to skyrocket, we should be taxed to hell.

Other car companies are guilty of this assumption too, but when GM – a company that is taking our tax dollars, and still failing- wants us to pay more taxes… that’s pretty fucked up.

If you really wanted to sell your new fuel efficient autos, why not ask for a big tax break for individuals that buy them? You know, so people can afford to buy your new cars?

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-Dave out


One thought on “GM CEO wants high gas taxes

  1. I agree with David. This is stupid. I prefer to let the market determine the price of gas.

    What we could use is an energy source for cars other than what our overlords, the Saudis and big corn, provide us. I think that the Chevy Volt will be a big seller no matter what the price of gas because grid electricity is much cheaper than gas in terms of kilowatts per dollar.

    It would be nice if Chevy lasts long enough to start selling the Volt.

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