Finally, PS3 gets Vesperia

I hate to trust any news I read on the internet on April 1st. In fact, my post this evening was going to be a short little bit on how stupid April Fools Day is. Anyway, fuck it, this is good news… and seems real enough to me.

Namco Bandai’s Tales of Vesperia, an up to this point XB360 exclusive (*cough* bullshit), is now going to be released on the PS3. That is, at least, according to this site, and reputable sites that trust it. If it’s not for real, I’ll be pissed. This has been faked before…


The Tales games are well known JRPGs that stand out from the crowd with their pretty anime style graphics, real time action combat system, and coop play. Sure, the stories are clichéd and stupid… but the games are lengthy and fun. The coop battles really adds a lot to the experience as well.

So, cool that us PS3 owners finally get the newest game in the series. Hopefully it comes to the USA and not just Japan. Also, I hope it’s not BS like has happened before.

-Dave out


4 thoughts on “Finally, PS3 gets Vesperia

  1. Well, there have been rumors about it forever and even outright fake announcements, so I’m not denying the possibility.

    However, it seems fairly legitimate to me.

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