Valkyria anime ep1 first impressions

I just finished watching the first episode of the brand new Valkyria Chronicles anime. I have a HD raw that I downloaded via torrent. I must say I am quite impressed by the animation and art style. The designs are a  great representation of the game’s artwork.

The story, however is starting off quite differently than in the game. Now, keep in mind there is no subbed version yet, and I don’t speak Japanese.. so I have no fucking clue what anyone is saying (other than a couple words here and there). But the differences are clear regardless.

The same basic elements are there. Alicia arrests Welkin as a “spy” and we meet Isara and see the tank etc. But, a lot of liberties are taken with the introduction of the story here. For example, Welkin escapes being tide up in a shed only to be pursued by Alicia who decides not to shoot him in the spine. They are eventually attacked by the enemy and flee to Welkin’s house. This is quite different from the events of their meeting in the game.

Not how I remember them meeting in the game...

Not how I remember them meeting in the game...

I can accept some changes as long as it’s not too crazy, and it’s not the end of the world, as even without understanding the dialog I enjoyed the episode quite a bit. It helps that VC is my favorite PS3 game, but the anime shows promise itself. There was not much action in the episode, but Isara did shoot a mothafucka… so that’s something.

I look forward to more episodes, and hope we get a dubbed version down the line.

-Dave out


3 thoughts on “Valkyria anime ep1 first impressions

  1. Yeah, I know. There is really no other new series I’m interested in right now or too much anime news I find post worthy so there you go.

    In fact if you look at the wordpress tag “Valkyria Chronicles” we are the featured blog (most posts about it). 🙂

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