Yet another anime to be raped by Hollywood?

It could happen again:

The Mandalay Pictures production studio has licensed the film rights to Shoji Gatoh’s Full Metal Panic! high school action comedy light novels. The story centers around a brusque young sergeant named Sousuke Sagara who must protect an assertive high school girl named Chidori Kaname by masquerading (somewhat unsuccessfully) as a high school student himself. Actor Zac Efron (High School Musical, Hairspray, 17 Again) is reportedly discussing the project.

Come on. I just got into this series. I haven’t even watched the third season yet! I wasn’t aware that FMP! was even popular enough to merit suffer this. Sure, perhaps it is well known among anime fans, but it’s certainly not ‘mainstream’ like the other victims (Bebop, DBZ, Akira, Ninja Scroll) So why?

To be honest, I had no fucking clue who Zac Efron was until a half-hour ago… But all I really needed to read was “High School Musical”. Ugh… I’ve already both bitched and moaned about the idea of turning anime into live action, so yeah… its bad and stuff (other than that Berserk short of course).

Anyway, I’ll leave you now with the response from lead character of the show:


-Dave out


2 thoughts on “Yet another anime to be raped by Hollywood?

  1. It’s funny. I saved that screenshot just because I thought it would come in handy at some point. Then like the next fucking day there was a FMP! related story that deserved a facepalm. The timing was too perfect not to use it.

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