Valkyria may get a sequel

Even though the game did not sell well here in the US, it was popular enough worldwide (mainly Japan) to get toys and an new anime created. Now the producer of the game is talking about a possible sequel to the game:

Sega’s 2008 strategy RPG Valkyria Chronicles was received extremely well by critics worldwide. And though the game wasn’t a huge commercial success in the US, it was popular enough in Japan to land itself on the Greatest Hits line up. The title also spawned an anime series, which just debuted in Japan recently.

Valkyria Chronicles producer Nonaka Ryutaro was recently interview by the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu Weekly. He said he was ecstatic that Valkyria was embraced by the Japanese public in the way it was. Nonaka was excited about the anime’s debut, explaining that the anime served as another means to further develop the IP.

The big news is that Nonaka, in light of the recent popularity, told the magazine that he really wanted to do a sequel to the game, and he was adamant about not leaving the game at just one title. While it’s far from a confirmation, that does bode well for the possibility of a sequel.

Via PS3center

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