I’m buying a Condo!

I made a offer on another 2 bed 2 bath condo on Tuesday, and heard back yesterday that they accepted! List price was $149k, which was already a steal, but I offered $140. Nine grand less is nothing to shake a stick at. Fuckin aye!

The building was built in 1978, so it’s not too old. The condo does need some “updating” here and there, but my parents are going to help with that (financially and physically). We are going to do that stuff before I move in.

I’m pretty excited, the whole move out thing a pretty big step. That $30k missing out of my savings account, and mortgage payment is going to make me a sad panda… but it is one of those ‘growing up’ things you gotta do.

The privacy and independence that come with it are going to be sweet. Also, it will be easy to tell a chick “hey come check out my condo!” You know, instead of trying to bang her in my parents basement. “Shhhh, you’ll wake my mom!”

-Dave out


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