RE5 Versus Review and more

We were at Seven Eleven on Saturday, and Eroc decided to grab a $20 PSN card. I was most annoyed that there is a fucking tax on the actual downloads. I must admit I am very new (read: first time) to paying for downloads, but I was still surprised annoyed by this tax. Anyway, let’s look at a break down of what we pissed away Eroc’s money on:

SOULCALIBUR IV Customization Equipment 1 $1.49 Tax $0.11
Total fucking waste of money. We have kind of had a refreshed interest in Soul Caliber after playing online for a while, but this pack was a joke. I think it added like 4 new hats or something? And while a couple looked cool, their stats were crap. If I’m going to fucking pay for new equipment, it should at least be powerful.

SOULCALIBUR IV Customization Equipment 2 $1.99 Tax $0.13
Same as above. Only, I think this one merely unlocked a stupid pumpkin mask?

The other Soul Caliber packs were laughable as well. I mean – packs for people too lazy to unlock the fucking hidden weapons?? That takes like ten minutes per character, tops.

Valkyria Chronicles Selveria’s Mission $4.99 Tax $0.35
I haven’t played “Behind Her Blue Flame” yet, so expect a separate post for this one. I have read, though, that of the three DLC packs for this game this one is by far the best. The Edy mission is supposed to be short and annoying, and the EX Hard mode is kind of moot when I haven’t even played all the skirmishes on Hard yet. I look forward to playing this mission pack.

Resident Evil 5 Versus Mode $4.99 Tax $0.35
This was actually more fun than I was expecting. The coop modes are simply awesome in split screen and thanks to mercenary mode coop online is fun as well. Downloading Versus adds to that cool with two new four player modes. Okay, they are both basically the same thing, but scoring is different in each.

Both modes toss four players into one of the mercenaries maps (complete with waves of enemies and time bonuses) only working against each other. The only real difference between “survival” and “slayers” is that in one you get scored on how many enemy kills you (or your team) get, and the other is scored on player killing. You can PK in both modes though. There are free for all and team modes for both.

I prefer the mode that scores on enemy kills, mostly because your chosen character gets their load out from mercenaries mode. In the PK mode, you get very limited equipment and must rely on pickups. For example, I like to play as Long Bow Sheva, who normally gets the powerful (but hard to aim) bow with infinite ammo and a grenade launcher with the freezey-type grenades. In versus PK mode, she gets a MP5 with 65 rounds. You do the math there…

The games seem to run well enough. While the stock two player coop mode runs flawlessly online there is some slight lag on the weapons in versus. This basically means that when you shoot there is often slight delay before your hit registers. We lovingly call this “taffy shotgun”, or the “Gantz effect”. The gameplay is not really negatively affected by this, but it’s kind of funny. I guess when you double the players, some lag can happen.

I like the versus mode, it adds even more replayability to an already very replayable (with friends) game. One could argue that the game should have shipped with it, and the fact that the DLC pack is only a couple hundred KB proves this. But it’s only fucking five dollars, if you love RE5 like we do – just buy it. But look out for assholes playing as Wesker. 😉

I still have enough left on the account to buy another $4.99 pack, so we’ll see what happens next. I just need to make sure that one way or another I get my PS3 on the internet at the new condo.

-Dave out


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