Guitar Hero 5 features are interesting

Activision has revealed a ton of information about Guitar Hero 5, including the game’s biggest new feature — the ability to drop in and drop out of songs on the fly. They’re calling it “Party Play,” and it lets you step into the action simply by signing in with your instrument of choice at any point in a song, even letting you select the difficulty level. When we say “instrument of choice,” we really mean it; you can play instruments in just about any combination you want — four vocalists, or two drummers, one bassist, one vocalist, for example.

The game also will feature new competitive modes, which developer Neversoft is calling “RockFest.” It looks like the specific details of these five new competitive modes will have to wait until E3, but we can tell you they’ll be playable both on and offline. Cooperative band play has also been given a tweak, including one new feature called “Band Moments,” in which players will be rewarded for nailing specific sections in unison.

As far as the set list is concerned, Guitar Hero 5 is said to have the “strongest, most varied set list to date.” Of course, that’s what they always say, but maybe they mean it this time. The game will feature 85 bands including Kings of Leon (“Sex on Fire”), The Rolling Stones (“Sympathy for the Devil”), The White Stripes (“Blue Orchid”), Santana (“No One To Depend On”), Vampire Weekend, Tom Petty (“Runnin’ Down a Dream”), Johnny Cash (“Ring of Fire”), Bob Dylan (“All Along the Watchtower”) and 25 other bands that Activision says will be making their videogame debut. And here’s some good news — all of the tracks will be unlocked from the get-go.

Playing with whatever instruments you want is a cool concept. Of course, it means you have to actually obtain four guitars or whatever to get the full effect… but a great feature none-the-less.

I’m not sure how the drop in and out will work though… I haven’t played World Tour, but I know in the Rock Band games everyone needs to make it through the song… or at least most of the way. In this new scenario, if -lets say Kevin- sucked ass at playing he could then just quit out so we all didn’t fail the song? Sounds off to me, but I haven’t played a GH game since number two so what do I know?

Via Destructoid

-Dave out


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