Nissan recalls 2003-2007 Murano

Just so I don’t seem like I always bash only GM and Chrysler:

The National Highways Traffic Safety Administration and Nissan have announced the recall of 362,891 Nissan Murano sport utility vehicles. The recall — due to a defective air intake — covers all Nissan Murano models built between 2003 and 2007.

According to the NHTSA’s Web site, the recall is due to a faulty air intake duct. The air intake duct connected to the vehicle’s intermediate resonator could become loose and disconnect. If a disconnection does occur, the vehicle could stall, leading to the increased probability of a crash.

The defect has been linked to the material of the air duct which could causes excessive shrinking.

Nissan dealers will inspect and replace the defect part at no cost to the owners. No specific date has been set for the start of the recall, but the NHTSA says it will begin on or before July 6th.

I hate SUVs/”crossovers”, but if I had to get one a Murano would be on the list to consider. It has the VQ35, and certain years have the same transmission as my Altima as well.

Usually Nissan is pretty reliable, but every car company has it’s share of stupid recalls. I must say I was shocked by the recall of GM’s 3.8 though…


-Dave out


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