Closed on the condo today. Everything went well (save for the having to hand over that $28k check part…). My parents and I worked on some of the shit we wanted to do. Got the locks changed, (job #1 before moving in), ugly bathroom wallpaper ripped down, and some other stuff… cleaning mostly. My parents are hooking it up with a new stove and dishwasher, that stuff will come this weekend.

Planning to move in on Saturday.

-Dave out


4 thoughts on “Closed!

  1. Cool beans. I can also help on Saturday, but not Sunday. The water conveyance technician is beaming in to fix the solid waste disposal unit. The primary storage tank is leaking into the intermix manifold.

  2. I took Friday (today) off of work. My parents and I worked on the condo all day yesterday (me after I got out of work; had to go that day). I’ll be there with them again today shortly. I forgot how good I am at painting…

    You are welcome to come by the condo tonight to have a few and maybe help a bit or just chill. But I’ll probably be there most of the day. Gotta try to get all this shit done before I most my stuff in.

    We do, however, have plenty of Corona, Sapporo, and even Miller Light in my fridge though 😉

  3. I think I’ll skip watching the paint dry and finish reading my book instead. What time do you want to start tomorrow?

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