Nicor pisses me off

For those that don’t follow the blog, I bought a condo a month ago. I was told by both Nicor and Comed that because I was a new customer and because of my credit rating (I can get a loan on a house, but can’t be trusted to pay an electric bill??) that I would need to place a good-faith deposit type thingy.

This deposit will be split up into the monthly bills for both over the course of the next year for Nicor and six months for Comed. Both will be repaid so long as I pay my bills on time for that period. That’s fine, I understand that there are a lot of ignorant motherfuckers out there that don’t understand that you have to actually pay your electric bill.

Here’s my complaint though: while Comed’s deposit is around $16 a month added to the bill, Nicor’s is an unforgivable $55 a month. That’s pretty steep considering my first real bill was like $15. So I have to give them $55 to prove that I’ll pay them $15… how does that work? Anyway that’s going to kick me in the ass come winter.

My other complaint against Nicor is that I had to dispute the start date on the first bill. They wanted to back date me to September 08… I moved in the end of May 09, you do the math. I had to call them, and then fax them a copy of some of the closing documents and then wait three weeks for the corrected bill. Only to find that the bill I got last night was for $390 (!!)

I called them up again to bitch, and once I found my way through their annoying IVR menus to talk to a person I was assured that my request was processed and that my corrected bill (for ~$70, including the deposit) was on it’s way.

Now Comed? Haven’t heard a peep from them. They got the start date right and sent me the correct bill. Also their deposit feels slightly less like anal rape. I will say, however, that Nicor’s call center reps (once you get past the damn IVR) are helpful and polite and that both utility companies have easy to use websites and effortlessly setup autopay.

They still kinda piss me off though.

-Dave out


8 thoughts on “Nicor pisses me off

  1. You can set it up on their site under your account profile and start/stop auto pay. You put in your routing number and account number and click I agree to their little thing and it’s setup. I had to manually pay the first bill though, the autopay takes effect on the next bill.

  2. I must have seen that. But I guess I decided against automatic bill payment in case I received a $390 bill. I don’t have a gas bill. But I have to authorize my electric, Internet, and cell phone bills every month. If I don’t protect my interests then who will?

  3. There is chance that I could get screwed and have to dispute an incorrect bill (and therefor autopayment), but I don’t trust myself to remember all these bills on time so I set up whatever I could to autopay. Paying bills late is bad.

    I got the mortgage, electric, and gas set up. That means I only need to write a check every month for the assessment fee, cellphone, and my car note (which I plan on paying off soon).

    Fix your avatar.

  4. That is a good thing about the car.

    Sprint allows you to pay online.

    You might be able to get your bank to cut a check for the assessment fee. I’ve heard of people paying bills through the bank. But I’ve never tried it.

  5. Goodness! I’ve been like a ping pong ball trying to let Come Ed know that I have changed Primary Checking Accounts and, that I want my future bills autopaid with the NEW checking account. Well, for some reason, Com Ed customer service told me to settle that matter with Chase Bank (old checking who used to autopay bills); but, Chase customer service said, “No, that’s Com Ed’s issue.” So, I’m ready to leave out of town and this matter STILL can not be resolved! UGH!!!!!! All I need is to find out Com Ed continued taking their payment out of my now CLOSED Chase Checking Account so that they can stick me with a $35 insufficient funds! They should have a cancel autopay on their website, God knows they have everything else! WHY does it have to be so difficult?

  6. That sucks… I thought there was a simple on/off option for the autopay, but I may be thinking of Nicor and not com ed.

    Either way, Chase is right. It’s an issue with Com Ed. If you had set up bill pay for your electric bill on the Chase side, then it would be their problem.

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