Chryslers may come with warning stickers

Just in case you were still even considering a Chrysler product, they may now come with a sticker warning you of their crappyness as a company:

If several consumer groups have their way, used Chrysler vehicle could soon come with a warning sticker. Under the terms of its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, Chrysler shed its liability for any defective vehicles produced before May 30th, potentially putting thousands of consumers at risk.

After fielding several petitions, the Federal Trade Commission is now reviewing a plan that would require every Chrysler vehicle made before May 30th to carry a sticker warning consumers that Chrysler cannot be held liable for product defects, even if the defect results in personal injury. About 30 million used Chrysler vehicles have lost liability protection previously afforded by state laws, according to Automotive News.

“In Chrysler’s bankruptcy, the ability to form a new company free from the product liability burden of the old company was essential to the new company’s survival,” Chrysler spokesman Michael Palese said in an e-mail to Automotive News. “This is not an issue involving an identified potential safety issue with these vehicles, nor do petitioners claim to have uncovered a systemic defect that requires disclosure.”

I’ll file this one under the comedy tag too, because this has got to be the funniest fucking car news I’ve read in a while.

Warning: This car is crap, sucks to be you space cowboy

-Dave out


One thought on “Chryslers may come with warning stickers

  1. My understanding was that liability was a function of when you purchased the vehicle opposed to when it was manufactured.

    Either way, Chrysler hit the reset button on this one. And it only cost America a few billion in tax dollars and left victims with bulletproof cases before the restructuring holding the bag after the restructuring. That is, of course, assuming they had any limbs left to hold the bag after Chrysler’s shoddy products sheared them all off.

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