Mortgage protection insurance pisses me off

Now that I’m all moved in and everything, motherfuckers keep sending me snail-mail spam. My new spam is, apparently, “mortgage protection insurance”. From what I understand, you pay them money and if you die they pay off your house for you. Uhhh… just one problem; if I’m dead, I don’t think I’ll care if the damn bills get paid.

I suppose if one had a wife and kid(s) or whatever, then yes this would be a wise investment. But I’m single, and the only signer on the place. Take it back if I die. I don’t care, I’ll be dead.

I have a fucking stack of these things, all from different companies. It comes to the point that I can tell it’s one of them without even opening the damn thing. What kills me is that the letters are written in an almost a threating tone: “Important: you are not participating in a program that you are entitled to!” I wonder how many people are stupid enough to believe they are required to have this insurance, and hand over their money.


-Dave out


3 thoughts on “Mortgage protection insurance pisses me off

  1. Mortgage insurance sounds stupid. But you will probably want homeowner’s insurance in case the place burns down. I had renter’s insurance. It was cheap.

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