New Inuyasha anime already licensed

This is interesting, the newly announced Inuyasha anime is already licensed by Viz:

The North American anime distributor Viz Media has announced at its second Saturday panel at Comic-Con International that it has acquired the upcoming Inuyasha: The Final Act (Inuyasha Kanketsu-hen) anime series. Inuyasha: The Final Act continues beyond where the first anime series ended and adapts the story from the final 21 compiled book volumes of Rumiko Takahashi’s original manga. It will premiere in Japan this fall.

This is extremely fast for a company to pick up a new anime. It hasn’t even started in Japan yet. Now this could just as well be Viz insuring they get the series, but what if it was something a little more interesting. Such as Inuyasha getting the Kurokami treatment?

That’s not very likely, but lets at least hope that they can get most of the original dub cast back for this new series. I suppose minor characters don’t matter as much. But the main characters need to be the same.

Inuyasha can tend to be a little on the girly side of anime sometimes, but it was one of the first longer series I really got into… so it’s good to see it finish out the storyline.

-Dave out


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