Trouble on the high seas

Well. I think I can proudly say, with confidence, that I am the first person in my condo building to get a warning letter for quote: “displaying a pirate flag on [my] balcony”. Got the letter from the management company in the mail on Tuesday or Wednesday.

My first knee-jerk reaction was anger, but then I just started laughing at what I was holding in my hand. This motherfucker had to write a professional sounding letter telling me to take down my pirate flag. Maybe I should take life a little more seriously, but that is some funny shit right there.

The letter asked for me to immediately remove the flag, and thanked me for my anticipated cooperation (LOL). I, of course, took “immediately” to mean leave it up until the weekend and talk to Debbie (the condo board president that I made friends with) about it.

Let’s see if we can “abuse her power” on this one. She already told me that the flag was not only okay to have, but that she liked it. So this should be interesting.

Victory or defeat, I think I need to frame that letter.

-Dave out


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